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Lady Lions Basketball Season Wrap-Up

12694951_1118835444823291_5768835308743986228_oSince sixth grade, the Lady Lion’s Basketball Team has played together as an official WA team. The point being they know how to play well together.

The official season started with a 52-15 victory over Sheridan Hills. The next two games the ladies achieved two more victories. It was in their fourth season game when they lost the heartbreaker to Benjamin in a hard fought 73-77 defeat. However, our Lady Lions were resilient and they stomped the next team 63-29. They continued this momentum, winning a Thanksgiving Tournament and then two more games before they were beaten by a team in Ormond Beach. Yet the ladies continued to fight and reigned in two more impressive wins (one victory was won by a margin of 46). They made it to the finals of the Holiday Classic but lost to a team from out of state.

The battle continued and they won the next 5-7 games as they went into districts. They flew through Districts and at the Regional Semifinal were able to silence Benjamin with a 49-34 win. It was an immense victory to win by fifteen points to a team that had been their first loss of the season. Their final game was played Saturday, February 13, 2016, where they were beaten in Naples but they had nothing to be ashamed of. Their resilience and tenacity were seen by all as they ended an inspiring 2015-2016 season.

Well done Lady Lions!

Written by Daniel Wood ’16

Alumni Association Scholarship—Coming Up!

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WA-Alumni-289-186This is our 4th annual scholarship that the Alumni Association awards to 2 seniors. We do this to recognize the leadership roles they have had at WA but also showing enthusiastic support in their next chapter. We will be reviewing applications through Thursday, March 24, 2016. We will recognize our winners at the Senior Chapel and at Senior Recognition Night in May. We look forward to welcoming the Class of 2016 into the elite group of Alumni.

Alumni Board Mission Statement
The Westminster Academy Alumni Association’s mission is to unite and involve the alumni, parents, faculty, and staff as we promote Christ-centered fellowship, involvement, and financial support to a school that has played a significant role in our lives. Our purpose & Motto is to UNITE and we do this thru our goals

  1. Promote fellowship, involvement, and financial support among the alumni
  2. Highlight the achievements of alumni that demonstrate lessons learned at WA
  3. Establish a college scholarship fund awarded to graduating seniors funded through an alumni membership program.
  4. Recognize and honor exceptional alumni, coaches, and teams who contributed to our athletic program in our Athletic Hall of Honor which this was the inaugural year!

End of a Season… End of a Chapter… Beginning of Something New

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Screen Shot 2016-01-28 at 1.16.48 PMOn Monday, February 1, 2016, the Lady Lions ended their tremendous season. The entire year had been a battle, hard fought victory after hard fought victory. They played with vigor in their final game but fell short by one goal. However, team leaders such as Katie Nava reminded her team that this was just one loss. They had no reason to be upset.

They had an amazing season. Attributing to a 16-2-1 season the players of the 2015-2016 Varsity Ladies Soccer team were able to boast that they had gone farther than any Westminster Ladies soccer team since 2004. For Kate Quinton, Katie Nava, and Lexi Kinsey it was the ended of a major piece in their life but all three of them describe the excitement they had for the possible future. The juniors and underclassmen have also been inspired by this season and desire to replicate the results next year.

Congratulations on an amazing season Varsity Ladies.

Written by Daniel Wood ’16

WA Competitive Cheer Team

FullSizeRender-2Please join us in congratulating our Competitive Cheer Team.

On Saturday, November 14, 2015, they competed in the South Florida Classic winning:

  • First place in Jumps
  • Runner-up in the Stunt Division
  • Runner-up in the Pyramid Division
  • Runner-up in the Dance Division
  • 2nd place for the overall Competition

Next up was the Regionals at Dilliard High School on Saturday, January 9, where they advanced to States! Between Regionals and States WA competed in a head-to-head showcase with CCA on Thursday, January 21.

At States, our girls traveled to Tampa and competed at the University of South Florida. They trained hard and they trained hard this season and performed a fantastic routine.

Ladies, we are all so proud of you! You worked hard and stood together as a team, keep up the good work and know we are proud of you.

Winter Court Wrap Up

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IMG_0590-Last week, Westminster Academy students celebrated Winter Court festivities. The high school students were given individual themes and they enjoyed being decked out in different costumes. The excitement could be heard throughout the halls as students discussed the basketball game and the potential king and queen. On Wednesday, the court partook in Chapel.

Court members walked down through the aisles of the chapel arm and arm with their Court Counterpart. Then after everyone was displayed the senior videos were played.

On Thursday, the WA High School students participated in a volleyball tournament and a barbecue. The seniors won and relished in their victory.

Friday was arguably the most important day of winter court. It started out with an early morning pep rally. Participants of the court competed in an epic lip sync battle. A group of teachers also got involved but in the end, the battle went to the seniors. Later that night, the men’s basketball team handily defeated their opponent, Somerset Academy in a 75-43 victory. During halftime, the Winter Court was called to stand out in front of the students. After a moment of silence the crowd erupted as James Scassera and Kitt Curtis were named king and queen. “It was a perfect ending to a perfect Winter Court,” summarized Kitt Curtis.

A special thank you to all faculty and staff who made this event possible.

Written by Daniel Wood ’16


2016 Winter Court & Activities

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Winter Court 2016 is this week! We had so much fun celebrating God’s special blessing of Westminster Academy with fun and fellowship. Please review our honored students on our Winter Court below.


  • Gabrielle Audet
  • Lexi González
  • Kip Reeves
  • Sebastian Molina


  • Alessandra Leone
  • Stephanie Marchelos
  • Victor Ingrassi
  • Partick Lynch


  • Haley Glenum
  • Carly Spangler
  • Paul Atkinson
  • Jerald Butler


  • Kitt Curtis
  • Katie Ferraguti
  • Mackenzy Middlebrooks
  • Katie Nava
  • Stefan Smoke
  • James Scassera
  • Chase Foote
  • Ben Hunter

We also had a great time with our special high school and middle school events and dress up days:

High School

Tuesday, January 19 – Teacher Appreciation

  • Dress as your favorite WA faculty member.

Wednesday, January 20 – TV Networks
Winter Court Chapel in the Coral Ridge sanctuary.

  • Freshman – Children’s Show
  • Sophomore – Game Show
  • Junior – Sports Show
  • Senior – Cooking Show

Thursday, January 21 – Decades Day
Mens’ volleyball class competition will take place in the WA gym.

  • Freshman – 50’s
  • Sophomore – 60’s
  • Junior – 70’s
  • Senior – 80’s

Friday, January 22 – WA Spirit Day
Winter Court Pep Rally.

Middle School

Tuesday, January 19 – Superhero Day

  • Dress as your favorite Superhero.

Thursday, January 21 – Career Day

  • Doctor? Chef? Coach?

Friday, January 22 – WA Spirit Day
The most spirited class will earn a jeans day!!
Winter Court Pep Rally in the gym.

  • Grade 6 – Blue from head to toe
  • Grade 7 – Red from head to toe
  • Grade 8 – White from head to toe

Winter Court Game

Westminster Academy’s Varsity basketball team will take on Somerset Academy at 7:00 p.m. in the WA gymnasium on Friday, January 22. Court presentation and the crowning of King and Queen will take place during half-time. The Varsity game will be followed by the traditional Winter Court Alumni vs. Faculty basketball game.

See More Photos

To see more photos please like and visit our Facebook Page. You’ll find all of our eNews articles as well as a Photo Album of Winter Court Pictures!

WA Senior, Cameron Peloquin, Lettered Through Equestrian Federation

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imageCongratulations to WA Senior, Cammy Peloquin who has completed and lettered all four years of the United States Equestrian High School Athlete Program.  Cammy has worked hard and diligently to achieve this goal and many others with her horse Step Aside also nicknamed Griffin.  

Participants in the program must be students in grades 5-12 who document at least 100 hours of training and provide verification of participation in three equestrian competitions during the year. After completing these requirements and verification, the student will receive a certificate commemorating their achievements, a USEF Equestrian Athlete Lettering varsity letterman patch and lapel pin for each year of participation.

Congratulations Cammy!