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Book Review Of The Running Dream

February 24, 2014 Posted in: Academics Tags:

8354134The Running Dream is another Lamplighter Nominee for the 2013/2014 school year. This story is both captivating and inspirational. The main character, Jessica, was riding a school bus when there was a terrible accident. One of her teammates did not survive the accident, however Jessica did, except she lost one of her legs. This would be tragic for any high school student, but it is especially hard for Jessica because she is a runner for her school. Her best event is the 400 meters. Another fantastic character in the story is Jessica’s good friend, Fiona. Fiona is a great example of a friend. The reader could take notes on what it means to be a friend of someone going through a crisis such as this. Additional characters enhance the story further. One friend that Jessica makes is Rosa. Jessica had never noticed Rosa before the accident. Rosa has cerebral palsy but has excellent math skills and helps Jessica with her math. Some note passing in class between Rosa and Jessica actually inspires Jessica to sign up for a 10K race in her town. But wait, how will she run a race if she lost one of her legs? Read and find out the answer to this question and how so many of her teammates and her coach helped this become a reality.

 Written by Bonnie Thompson, Upper School Media Center Specialist

Book Review Of Take Me To The River

January 15, 2014 Posted in: School News Tags:

take me to the riverOne of the Lamplighter Nominees for this school year is Take Me to the River by Will Hobbs. This book is a great read even for boys! Dylan (age 14) travels to Texas to go river rafting with his uncle and cousin and is faced with some difficult decisions.  He and his cousin make it down the river at the same time that a hurricane is headed in their direction! There are plenty of other obstacles along the way but the two cousins tough it out and even help others in significant ways. This inspiring survival story will encourage the reader to stand strong in trying times.

Written by Bonnie Thompson, Upper School Media Center Specialist

Book Review Of One Wintry Night

Wintery NightA fun December idea that was presented to me when my children were little was to wrap a Christmas book for each of the days before Christmas. Over time I accumulated enough books to do this.  Some were small and inexpensive.  But some were notably special. Each night before bed one of my kids would be selected to pick a book out of the basket of wrapped books.  That same child would unwrap the book and we would read it together as a family.  One of the really special books was One Wintry Night by Ruth Bell Graham (illustrated by Richard Jesse Watson). This book has enough content that it would need to be stretched out over several nights (perhaps read the smaller ones in addition on these nights).

What is so special about this book? It starts out telling of a young boy who has lost his way in the mountains.  He finds his way to a log cabin and a helpful woman that lives there.  The next morning he wakes to discover he is unable to make it home on his own. So, the woman in the log cabin decides to tell him the Christmas story. She starts at the very beginning. “Almost 2,000 years ago,” she says and proceeds to tell many details leading up to Jesus’s birth and beyond.  The artwork is beautiful and eye-catching, one would not want to miss seeing page 48 (a most amazing depiction of a lion). Two copies of this title are available in the Lower School Media Center.

Written by Bonnie Thompson, Upper School Media Specialist


Book Review Of The Last Plea Bargain

November 20, 2013 Posted in: Academics Tags: ,

last plea barginThe 2013 Christy Award Finalist in the Suspense category: The Last Plea Bargain by Randy Singer. Even if legal novels are not your first pick, this novel is worth checking out. The reader will gain a better understanding of the legal system as a result, as well as become captivated by the twists and turns and surprises that this novel presents. The main character, Jamie Brock, is a lawyer that has never plea-bargained in a case. But, she finds herself in a difficult situation that may cause her to reevaluate the principles that have guided her career.

Written by Bonnie Thompson, Upper School Media Specialist

Book Review of Lion of Babylon

Lion of BabylonI have to admit that at first glance this book would not be my first pick for reading material.  The book cover hints at Middle East warfare and this is an area that I know very little about.  But, every person that I spoke with that had read Lion of Babylon had given it a thumbs up.  Another convincing factor is that book two in the series:  Rare Earth received the 2013 Christy Award for Suspense.  For these two reasons, I found myself reading and being captivated by book one of this series. The main character, Mark Royce, is a likeable character with which the reader immediately has a connection.  It is made known that he took care of his wife in her dying days and lost his job as an agent because of it.  He must be good at what he does because now they are calling him back in to find some missing Americans that were last seen in Baghdad.  Bunn helps the reader gain an understanding of this region of the world.  An especially touching scene is a secret worship meeting that Mark Royce attends along with a new Iraqi friend that is stunned by the experience. So what about book two in the series?  Next on my reading list!

Written by Bonnie Thompson, WA Upper School Media Specialist


Book Review: The Underdogs

October 28, 2013 Posted in: Academics Tags: ,

the underdogsOne of our Lamplighter Nominees for this school year is The Underdogs by Mike Lupica. The main character, Will, lives in a depressed section of a small Pennsylvania town. The town has had to cut the city football league. This doesn’t stop Will. He finds a way to keep the football league going, but the next struggle is to compile a team. The team is coming along and then his best friend, the quarterback, has to move away because his dad has a new and better job. This is a great read for boys as there is much football lingo, but Lupica can keep the female audience interested as well.

Written by Bonnie Thompson, WA Upper School Media Specialist



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The WA Media Center contains over 25,000 items available for checkout to our students, parents and faculty. These items are available in formats ranging from print to digital and audio to DVDs. We also have a robust collection of online resources. Occasionally we will spotlight current available resources and offer book reviews. Here is the first book review…

Book Review of Wonderland Creek

wonderland creekI’ve heard good feedback from patrons that read Lynn Austin novels that we have available in the Upper School Media Center. Wonderland Creek was the Christy Award Winner for the Historical category in 2012. For this reason, I began reading this book and was not disappointed. Maybe because my roommate in college was from Kentucky it interested me even more, but I found the story fascinating. The story begins in 1936 near Chicago. A single woman, librarian, decides to venture out to Kentucky to deliver five boxes of donated books. She ends up staying longer than she planned. In this depressed time period and location, librarians ride horses up the remote and steep trails to deliver library books. The story that unfolds is both touching and inspiring.

Reviewed by Bonnie Thompson, WA Upper School Media Specialist