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FIRST Robotics Championship In Houston

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BT1A3744On Tuesday, April 18, through the Sunday, April 23, your WA High School Robotics team, FRC Team 744—Shark Attack, had an amazing trip to the FIRST Robotics Championship in Houston, Texas. More than 65,000 people attended the competitions in support of 1,394 FIRST Teams including 400 of the best FIRST Robotics Competition teams in the world. We had the great pleasure of competing with more than 60 FRC teams in the Newton Division—the toughest division at Worlds.

During the competition, our team continued to improve the robot by improving the climber, which was able to climb the rope in 2.5 seconds. The shooter was also improved with the addition of flywheels embedded in the shooter wheels. Our programming crew unveiled new autonomous routines in the first two days of competition. Our survey and strategy groups truly operated at a world class level providing drivers up to date intelligence and winning strategies throughout the competition. These improvements and others helped our team to finish the qualifying rounds in Newton Division in 10th place. We rose to become the 7th seed alliance captain and had 3 great alliance partners (Team 3847—Spectrum, Team 900—The Zebracorns, and Team 5012—Gryffingear). The strategy team did a great job in preparing plans to compete against a very tough 2nd seed alliance. In a tie-breaking match, we lost by just seven points, 452 to 445. The second placed team we lost to breezed through the Semi-Finals and would have won the Finals except for one robot that stopped running during a critical game. Our WA robotics team was very competitive at the world championship! Our young drive team was truly amazing!

The team would like to thank all of our sponsors, mentors, parents and fans for all their great support. We look forward to continuing to grow and develop our team during the Summer Robotics Institute and our off-season competitions in the fall!

Go Shark Attack! Go WA!

2017 National Merit Scholarship Program Recognition

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About 1.6 million juniors in more than 22,000 high schools entered the 2017 National Merit Scholarship Program by taking the 2015 PSAT/National Merit Scholarship Qualifying test. Two students in our senior class are among 34,000 Commended Students Nationwide who have shown exceptional Academic promise. Congratulations to Joshua Foldes and Haley Hendrikse for this commendation!

The nationwide pool of Semifinalists, representing less than one percent of U.S. high school seniors, includes the highest-scoring entrants in each state. There are approximately 16,000 Semi-finalists. Of those 16,000 semi-finalists around 15,000 move onto the Finalist Scholarship competition. We are excited to share that Collin Renae has moved on to the Finalist competition. Congratulations to Collin for this accomplishment!

This fall, Juniors who took the 2016 PSAT also competed in the 2018 National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Program. Of those students who took the test nationally, we have a student who scored in the top 2.5% of all Hispanic and Latino test takers in the region and is invited to participate in the National Hispanic Recognition Program. Congratulations to Alexander Shyne for this accomplishment.

Eighth Grade Junior Achievement Finance Park Trip

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IMG_0682Eighth-grade students participated in an exciting Junior Achievement program called JA Finance Park. It encompassed important educational lessons about financial literacy and career awareness. As a culminating part of the program, students spent the day at a hands-on, experiential JA Finance Park site located at Broward College in Coconut Creek. This visit provided students with an opportunity to apply, in a realistic setting, what they have learned in the classroom. Students were responsible for planning a budget for themselves and their fictional family.

The goal was to help students see how classroom learning connects to real-world actions and events. Students acquired knowledge through hands-on classroom activities and discussions and then sought relevance between their new learning and their future lives.

Latin States Forum Results

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2017StatesForumWednesday, April 5, through Saturday, April 8, 43 middle and high school students competed in the 66th State Latin Forum in Orlando. They competed against over 1,000 other students from around the state from over 60 different schools, which are just the number of students who qualified to go to states. Below are the results.

Junior Division (grades 5-9) 7th overall in the state of Florida:

Cason Alday: 10th place Mottoes and Quotations 1 test, 8th place illustrated notebooks
Andy Brantmeyer: 9th place Vocabulary 1/2 test, 3rd place “mystery test, 9th place Mottoes and Quotes 1/2 test
Elsa Brantmeyer: 6th place marathon, 14th in Derivatives 1 test
Kelly Clark: 7th place Geography 1 test, 10th place Hellenic History 1 test, 2nd place shuttle run
Kyle Collins: 7th place Mottoes and Quotations 1 test, 7th place models
Logan Conner: 6th place Hellenic History 1 test, 7th place illustrated notebooks, 4th place foursquare
Jack Connolly: 10th place Mythology 1/2 test, 17th Vocabulary 1/2 test
Carson Elmer: 9th place Empire 1/2 test, 15th place Vocabulary 1/2 test
Addison Fleck: 12th place Derivatives 1 test, 18th Mythology 1 test (tied with Kylie Grimm)
Jordan Greene: 5th place Empire 1 test, 8th place Republic 1 test
Kylie Grimm: 10th place Customs test, 18th place Mythology 1 test (tied with Addison Fleck)
Jhailynn Jacques: 10th place Derivatives 1 test, 15th place Grammar 1 test
Omar Jacques: 16th place Vocabulary 1/2 test
Leeya Kim: 10th place drawings, 14th place Vocabulary 1/2 test
Hunter Kreizinger: 10th place Mottoes and Quotations 1 test, 12th place Pentathlon test
Robert Loucks: 12th place Vocabulary 1/2 test, 14th place Mythology 1/2 test
Matthew Miller: 7th place charts and posters
Erisa Papajorgji: 4th place Empire 1/2 test
Jahnya Walden: 6th place charts and posters, 6th place bellum aquae
Brian Washburn: 5th place models, 11th place Pentathlon test
Abby Weissman: 11th place Derivatives 1/2 test, 18th place Vocabulary 1/2 test
Emma Weissman: 2nd place Mythology 1/2 test, 2nd place Vocab 1/2 test
Sarah Williams: 13th place Pentathlon
Jordan Yu: 7th place Mottoes and Quotations 1/2 test, 12th place Vocabulary 1/2 test

Senior Division (grades 10-12) 25th overall in the state of Florida:

Alyssa Allen: 9th place models
Hannah Billings: 2nd place models, 16th place Customs 2 test
Sebastian Gammill: 8th place shuttle run, 15th place Republic 1 test, 17th place Pentathlon test
Ava Gaus: 4th place Reading Comprehension/Poetry test, 12th place Grammar Adv test
Olivia Gaus: 15th place Vocabulary Adv.
Britta Gunnlauggson: 16th place Derivative Adv, 17th place Vocabulary Adv.
Haley Hendrikse: 8th place charts and posters, 11th place Derivatives Adv. test (tied with John Mills)
Christine Kamm: 2nd place Hellenic History Advanced test, 6th place Grammar Advanced, 6th place Greek Language test, Parliamentarian candidate for the state
Jennae Katic: 3rd place models, 14th place Customs 2 test
Tommy Kline: 7th place in Heptathlon 2 test, 15th place in Derivatives 2 test
Kseniya Konysheva: 17th place in Pentathlon
Megan Matthews: 4th place bellum aquae, 12th place in Derivatives Adv. test
Jessica McKenzie: 10th place shuttle run, 14th in Heptathlon Adv. test, 20th in Customs Adv. test
John Mills: 11th place Derivatives Adv. test (tied with Haley Hendrikse)
Patrick Mills: 3rd place Greek Derivatives 2 test, 12th place in Derivatives 2 test
Zoe Payner: 4th place Hellenic History 1 test. 8th place Pentathlon 1 test
Savannah Rice: 14th in Vocabulary 2 test
Sierra Sollars: 9th place Derivatives 2 test, 13th place Grammar 2 test
Maddy Weissman: 12th place Mythology 2 test, 13th place Customs 2 test

Group awards:

Junior division: 1st place scavenger hunt, 2nd place scrapbook
Senior division: 2nd place scavenger hunt

A very special thank you to the chaperones (Rachel Cox, Sylvia Trein, Donna Payner, Domingo Delgado, Cherly Jacques, Cindy Kamm, and Beverly Katic) for giving up your week/weekend to make this happen.

“I am very proud of my kids and their accomplishments. Please join me in congratulating them on these achievements.”—Mrs. Bradshaw

Middle School Life Science & Engineering Field Trip

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IMG_0005On Wednesday, March 29, our Middle School Life Science and Engineering classes, led by Mrs. Coury, went on an educational field trip they are unlikely to forget! Hosted by Dr. Floralba Arbelo-Marrero, Amy Ellis, Ph.D., and Jaime Picanol, Psy.D., of Carlos Albizu University, our students and chaperons were welcomed with refreshments, then they split into two groups and taken to see one of the presentations.

Our Life Science students began by sitting in with Dr. Amy Ellis to discuss biology, life sciences, scientific observations, mental health, and careers in psychology. She was able to conduct psychology experiments using simple materials and discuss the scientific method in psychology experiments. Dr. Ellis taught the students about mental health awareness by having interactive discussions with them while they took notes, observed, and reported back on the types of behaviors identified. She was also able to present and discuss the careers in psychology.

Our Engineering students began in the Exhibit with Dr. Picanol, where he focused on forensic psychology, neuropsychology, and Criminal Justice. Dr. Picanol went over learning, memory, and cognition in psychology. He demonstrated the scientific method using the laboratory mice and mazes, and a discussion related to his students’ science projects allowing for a question and answer period.

Once the presentations were completed the classes switched to get a chance to hear from both professors.

Students, chaperones, and parents alike were impressed by the information shared and were thrilled to see everything the professors were teaching them. The Carlos Albizu University was an amazing host, and our students are extremely thankful to have been given this opportunity.

Robotics Team Shark Attack 744 Wins Smoky Mountain Regional!

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IMG_2924Westminster Academy’s High School Robotics Team, FRC Team 744 Shark Attack, traveled, to the Smoky Mountain Regional Robotics Competition in Knoxville, Tennessee, held at University of Tennessee’s Thompson-Boling Arena on Friday, March 24, and Saturday, March 25. It was a very exciting event with many close matches. There were many challenges to overcome with the robot, which the different members of the team addressed effectively.

Our team survey function was at a new level with students surveying each team’s matches and now entering the data on iPads. The data was immediately used to create strategies to win our next matches. Our programming crew was able to perfect the best autonomous routine at the competition. Our drivers and pit crew worked tirelessly to earn one of the highest records in gear placement at the competition.

The team was on the fifth seed alliance for the elimination rounds and won the competition. In addition, we received the Judges’ Award. The win in Knoxville qualified the team for the World Championship in Houston, Texas, in April.

Please pray for your high school robotics team as they prepare to play in the World Championship!

Third Grade Spelling Bee

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Spelling Bee eNewsOn Wednesday, March 23, our third grade competed in their spelling bee. The students were well-prepared and excited to show their spelling expertise. After 18 rounds of intense competition, Sariah Pratt won the spelling bee. Words that were spelled correctly and led to the final round were: “esteem,” “sediment,” and “quashed.” Daniel Delgado came in second place, and Camilla Zayas-Cruz won third place.

First Place: Sariah Pratt
Second Place: Daniel Delgado
Third Place: Camilla Zayas-Cruz

Spelling Bee Participants:

Ashton Burton
Avery Burton
Daniel Delgado
Andrew Lencse
Caleb Mahoney
Joel Nelson
Luiza Pereira
Arianna Pierce
Sariah Pratt
Jack Scott
Juliana Stenvik
Jeremiah Stervil
Maria Weimerslage
Camilla Zayas-Cruz