A Word From Mr. Satterly—November 9, 2017

A Word From Mr. Satterly—November 9, 2017

Dear WA Community,

Next Tuesday evening, November 14, we will hold our first public open house of the admissions season. Yesterday afternoon, I was reviewing the plan with Austin Elmer, our Director of Admissions. We began talking about all of the wonderful opportunities afforded for students at Westminster Academy. While that was a useful exercise, it paled in comparison to what I witnessed this particular morning.

Early this morning our cross‐country team boarded a charter bus to travel to Tallahassee in order to defend their state championship. Immediately beside that bus were two more, filled with our middle school students heading to their spiritual retreat. Both are great examples of the Westminster Academy experience. However, the best was yet to come as I was on my way to lower school chapel and the annual second‐grade presentation of Jonathan’s Thanksgiving. What a great start to the day as students sang, conducted a play, and led chapel. It was great to see so many parents as a reminder of our partnership.

While all of these things well demonstrated a commitment to our mission, the most striking thing I noticed was the third, fourth, and fifth‐grade students during the singing of a pithy ditty called Thanksgiving Dinner. They were engaged. They did the motions along with the second graders. They sat at the edge of their seats. They reflected what they had learned. This is the essence of what we do—academic rigor and spiritual formation. It was a grand picture and one worth sharing with folks who are not yet here. Perhaps it is worthy of inviting a friend or neighbor to our open house next week.

Grace and Peace,


Joel T. Satterly