Scholastic Book Fair Ends Tomorrow

October 19, 2017 Posted in: School News Tags:

book-fairWritten by John Mills ’18

This week is the Scholastic Book Fair in the lower school media center, and we swung by to get the inside scoop from Mrs. White. “Kids’ll be visiting all week,” Mrs. White said. “They can shop and fill out a wish list, and then their classes will come back at least once so they can get the books on their wish list.” Parents are encouraged to come with their children after school. Students can buy books before school, but their parent must be with them after school to make purchases. “Kids love it. It’s a blast.” Parents are also invited to come on Thursday night with their kids to Family Night, from 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. Every class has also decorated and customized a pumpkin based on their favorite storybook characters. On Family Night they come in and vote for their favorite pumpkin, and the winning class gets a book fair certificate. Parents can also bid on their favorite class pumpkins, and that money will go to the class. The money that’s raised from the book sales goes towards buying new books for the school library, “which is awesome,” Mrs. White added.

The book fair is for selling more than just books! Pointers, pens, shoe pencil-bags, stationery kits, and wand pens. “Everybody wants a gummy bear eraser,” she noted, “and they love the secret spy pens.” The book fair also has posters hung up for students to purchase. They have “sports posters, some video game, and kids show posters—all stuff that kids like.”