A Word From Mr. Satterly—October 5, 2017

October 5, 2017 Posted in: Headmaster Messages

Dear WA Community,

Earlier this week I had the opportunity to attend the annual CESA Symposium in Dallas. CESA—Council on Educational Standards and Accountability—is a relatively new organization consisting of some of the very best Christian schools in America. Westminster Academy is a candidate for full membership. One reason we have joined CESA is our desire to vigorously pursue improvement and to stand among other top schools. No other school is South Florida is currently a member.

The conference featured outstanding and accomplished speakers including John Couch, Director of the Education Division of Apple; Gabe Lyons, a leading author and leader of Q Commons, a Christian think-tank in NYC; and Andy Crouch, Executive Editor of Christianity Today. The week prior, I was privileged to represent Westminster Academy at the Next Summit at Gordon College. There we heard from Mike Ullman, an accomplished corporate CEO with successful leadership in North America, Asia, and Europe and also from Bishop Claude Alexander, author and pastor.

I will look forward to sharing pieces of what I learned with our faculty, students, and community. A good place to engage this conversation is at One Cup on Thursday, November 2.

If you spend much time around our campus, you will likely hear the word community. One application of community is service. Today the lower school computer lab was teaming with community—school materials, iPads, and cleaning supplies on one side with lots of volunteers filling boxes bound for St. John Christian Academy in the U.S. Virgin Islands and on the other, Miss Polhemus, who began her career at St. John will deliver these supplies on our behalf. So very proud of how our families have responded to the need. Our upper school students will soon have the privilege and opportunity to serve those impacted by Irma as they gather needed supplies and head to the Florida Keys for a work day. For those who have been given much…well done!

Grace and Peace,


Joel T. Satterly