Lower School Continental Math

Lower School Continental Math

MathContinental Math is a national contest where each student in second through fifth grade participated at Westminster Academy. It begins exposing students in second grade to complex problems requiring the student to use an array of problem‐solving strategies. As they move through the grade levels, analytical reasoning problems become more challenging. The students in second and third grades participated in three separate meets, and in fourth and fifth grades they participated in five separate meets. Then the top scores are logged into a national database where our students compete against over 1,000 schools nationwide.

We were pleased to see the results of our grade levels. The following students placed at the top of each grade level:

Second Grade Continental Math:

  • Blake Alise
  • Alex Aubin
  • Luke Baker
  • Lucas Boariu
  • Dylan Marti
  • Liam Pace

Third Grade Continental Math:

  • Addison Dannheim
  • Grace Kallioinen
  • Ryan Rivers
  • Justin Thompson

Fourth Grade Continental Math

  • Hunter Anderson
  • Noah Critch
  • Ellisa Kim
  • Tyler Pritchard

Fifth Grade Continental Math

  • Samy Joseph
  • Christina MacClugage
  • Andrew Marino
  • Junior Roberts
  • Virginia Scasserra
  • Lucas Todoberto
  • Olivia Weissman