Juried Art Show Results

Juried Art Show Results

ArtThis year’s Juried Art Show witnessed some of Westminster Academy’s best fine art talent. Every student enrolled in high school art classes submitted work that they created over the course of the 2016–2017 school year to be judged. Selected students from middle school also had beautiful work on display and participated in their own competition.

For the first time ever, we had a People’s Choice Award–and you were the judges! Thank you to all who contributed in the judging process, making the show an absolute success.

AP/Art IV Best In Show

  • 1st Place Her Sweet Shadow | Gaby Peña
  • 2nd Place Adonis | Bailey Fleck
  • 3rd Place Persistence | Rochelle Crevier

Best Design Principles & Composition

  • 1st Place Adonis | Bailey Fleck
  • 2nd Place Lightning Storm | Tara Haggerty
  • 3rd Place Lil Brother | James Joannou

Most Creative & Original

  • 1st Place Midas | Bailey Fleck
  • 2nd Place Electric Slide | Cayla Coningsby
  • 3rd Place Mini Concentration: “Oh yah, yeah yeah yeah, blrrr” | Selena Kirby

Art III Best In Show

  • 1st Place Pink Graycie | Tara Haggerty
  • 2nd Place Mini Concentration: Haliphron Atlanticus | Daisy Scasserra
  • 3rd Place San Fran | Ashley Sharp

Honorable Mention

  • 1st Place French Fright | Logan O’Neil
  • 2nd Place Paintroller | Randi Moore
  • 3rd Place Out of the Streets | Alyssa Allen

ART II Best In Show

  • 1st Place Pixel Painting (Rose the Riveter) | Lexie Boehm
  • 2nd Place Nautical Nonsense | Liam Dober
  • 3rd Place Flamingo | Gabby Audet

Art I Best In Show

  • 1st Place Sunflower | Dylan Shao
  • 2nd Place Summer House | Madison Barrett
  • 3rd Place Blossom | Kyuree Kim

Best Technical Skill

  • 1st Place Lin Manuel Miranda | Gaby Peña
  • 2nd Place Twiggy | Caroline Geiger
  • 3rd Place Majora’s Masked Mask (Legend of Zelda) | Liam Dober

People’s Choice Award

  • 1st Place Lin Manuel Miranda | Gaby Peña
  • 2nd Place Midas | Bailey Fleck
  • 3rd Place Twiggy | Caroline Geiger