A Word From Mr. Satterly—May 4, 2017

A Word From Mr. Satterly—May 4, 2017

Dear WA Community,

In 1952, Democratic President Harry S. Truman signed a bill into law, originally proposed by Conrad Hilton (yes, of hotel fame and I presume Paris’s great‐grandfather). That law established a National Day of Prayer for the United States. The law only cemented what had been practiced since the days of the Continental Congress in 1775—that is our government regularly calling upon the nation to fast and to pray.

Why the brief history lesson? One reason is that like many others across our nation today, we joined together in prayer. Secondly, in this age of smart phones, instant access, and a focus on the immediate, it is noteworthy to recognize that some things must not change. It is an immutable truth that God exists and is not silent, no matter what the pundits may suggest. Lastly, when taken in our current context, the origination of this law or even its historical practice may seem rather ironic or even old‐fashioned. However, when considered in terms of a sovereign God, we should be encouraged that prayer not only matters, it is our heritage.

Thanks be to God!



Joel T. Satterly