A Word From Mr. Satterly—May 25, 2017

A Word From Mr. Satterly—May 25, 2017

Ready. Fire. Aim.

Clearly, this is not the correct sequence, and it is not an earth‐shattering revelation to recognize that aiming before firing produces a much higher likelihood of hitting the target than not. All too often, that is how an organization tends to function. The remedy for this tendency is strategic planning. Focusing on mission priorities and reflecting on core values in practice are key elements as we have already examined in recent weeks.

In addition to articulating Westminster Academy’s core values, five guiding principles have also been identified to support and clarify those values. The principles serve as guard rails to help maintain focus and forward momentum.

They are:

  • Authentic relationships—The gospel frees us to engage one another as broken image‐bearers
  • Excellence as our standard—Uncompromising pursuit of demonstrated performance
  • Extensive program—Westminster Academy is an educational institution committed to providing a superior experience that embraces academics, arts, athletics, and spiritual formation
  • Integrity in practice—Our activity is marked by professionalism, exemplary service, and trustworthy operations
  • People matter—Students are our priority, and a great staff delivers a great product

These principles have a broad application throughout the entire school community. For example, our commitment to an extensive program impacts decisions regarding course offerings, athletic opportunities, and allocation of resources. Excellence as our standard means that not everyone can win or get a trophy. Excellent outcomes are celebrated and commended. Authentic relationships remind us that community is messy and that conflict is to be expected and resolved, not ignored.

Our mission statement establishes our purpose and our core values are statements of unchanging convictions. They define Westminster Academy in terms of why and how. Guiding principles further clarify and expand the scope of those values statements. Taken together—mission, core values, and guiding principles—they represent the correct sequence—ready, aim, fire—that is necessary to hit the target.



Joel T. Satterly