A Word From Mr. Satterly—May 18, 2017

A Word From Mr. Satterly—May 18, 2017

Dear WA Community,

In February, the school board approved a new strategic plan for Westminster Academy, entitled—Begin with the End in Mind. The name of our plan is significant for several reasons. It gives assent to our legacy as this was a favorite saying of our Headmaster Emeritus. It also signals a purposeful approach to action—it is much easier to hit an aimed target. Lastly, it reminds us that the role of Westminster Academy has a beginning and an end—this is, in effect, the 16,000-hour proposition (the total time spent in school).

Among the first steps in developing this plan has been the articulation of core values. These can be defined as the handful of distinct convictions that shape the institution. They provide the foundation for everything else. Westminster Academy’s core values are mission driven, Christian scholarship, and kingdom impact.

  • Mission Driven—Decisions and actions are determined by our mission. The mission compels some action and limits other. It is the lens and filter that guides practice. Simply put, no matter how good an idea or action it will only be considered if it fits within our mission.
  • Christian Scholarship—The word “scholarship” identifies Westminster Academy as an academic institution and one that is serious about those pursuits. It seeks to provide a challenging academic program. “Christian” signifies the specific focus of that scholarship. It suggests that learning best occurs in a community, in accordance with biblical principles, and acknowledges God as the center, not man.
  • Kingdom Impact—The aim and focus of Westminster Academy is to prepare students to engage the world by using their gifts and experiences to restore and be part of “making all things new.” God has called us to certain works that have been prepared in advance for us to do and a student’s time at Westminster Academy is laying the foundation to accomplish that work.

Please allow me to share a scene from this afternoon that illustrates what it means to be part of Westminster Academy and demonstrates the sum of our core values. A group of senior moms met to pray over Bibles that are given to students at Commencement, in addition to a diploma. These personally engraved Bibles are provided by the Parent Teacher Fellowship, and as they are prepared and wrapped, each student is covered in prayer. They began with prayer—thanksgiving, adoration, and supplication. They asked God to work in the lives of seniors, to go with and before them as they leave, and to hold them close to His word.

Such a sweet scene, and one that demonstrates our values better than any written word!



Joel T. Satterly