A Word From Mr. Satterly—May 11, 2017

A Word From Mr. Satterly—May 11, 2017

Westminster Academy is a Christ‐centered, biblically‐based college preparatory school dedicated to equipping covenant students to excel by using their gifts and talents for God’s glory.”—Westminster Academy Mission Statement

Dear WA Community,

A few weeks ago, in a brief video, we introduced a new strategic plan for Westminster Academy. As part of this process, it became necessary to develop and define our core values. While periodic videos will remain a medium of our communication, certain matters, such as core values, are often better unpacked in writing. Core values are those very few elements that define the institution. They should not change as they reflect fundamental convictions. As immutable commitments, they address the “why” question and at the same time allow flexibility in the “how.”

A good strategic plan must rest upon the institution’s mission and be anchored in its core values. Remaining fixed on these enables us to begin with the end in mind.

Westminster Academy has as a well‐defined mission statement. Westminster Academy also has deeply rooted core values that throughout its history, have been evident but not always articulated.

As a prerequisite to strategic planning, it was necessary to first mine those values and then to articulate them. The following three core values have been identified and confirmed by the Westminster Academy School Board:

  • Mission Driven
  • Christian Scholarship
  • Kingdom Impact

By design, core values are wordsmithed to a couple of words that communicate a bigger idea. In the next two weeks, we will discuss each one as well as consider the five guiding principles that support these core values: authentic relationships, excellence as our standard, extensive program, integrity in practice, and people matter.



Joel T. Satterly