Latin States Forum Results

Latin States Forum Results

2017StatesForumWednesday, April 5, through Saturday, April 8, 43 middle and high school students competed in the 66th State Latin Forum in Orlando. They competed against over 1,000 other students from around the state from over 60 different schools, which are just the number of students who qualified to go to states. Below are the results.

Junior Division (grades 5–9) 7th overall in the state of Florida:

Cason Alday: 10th place Mottoes and Quotations 1 test, 8th place illustrated notebooks
Andy Brantmeyer: 9th place Vocabulary 1/2 test, 3rd place “mystery test, 9th place Mottoes and Quotes 1/2 test
Elsa Brantmeyer: 6th place marathon, 14th in Derivatives 1 test
Kelly Clark: 7th place Geography 1 test, 10th place Hellenic History 1 test, 2nd place shuttle run
Kyle Collins: 7th place Mottoes and Quotations 1 test, 7th place models
Logan Conner: 6th place Hellenic History 1 test, 7th place illustrated notebooks, 4th place foursquare
Jack Connolly: 10th place Mythology 1/2 test, 17th Vocabulary 1/2 test
Carson Elmer: 9th place Empire 1/2 test, 15th place Vocabulary 1/2 test
Addison Fleck: 12th place Derivatives 1 test, 18th Mythology 1 test (tied with Kylie Grimm)
Jordan Greene: 5th place Empire 1 test, 8th place Republic 1 test
Kylie Grimm: 10th place Customs test, 18th place Mythology 1 test (tied with Addison Fleck)
Jhailynn Jacques: 10th place Derivatives 1 test, 15th place Grammar 1 test
Omar Jacques: 16th place Vocabulary 1/2 test
Leeya Kim: 10th place drawings, 14th place Vocabulary 1/2 test
Hunter Kreizinger: 10th place Mottoes and Quotations 1 test, 12th place Pentathlon test
Robert Loucks: 12th place Vocabulary 1/2 test, 14th place Mythology 1/2 test
Matthew Miller: 7th place charts and posters
Erisa Papajorgji: 4th place Empire 1/2 test
Jahnya Walden: 6th place charts and posters, 6th place bellum aquae
Brian Washburn: 5th place models, 11th place Pentathlon test
Abby Weissman: 11th place Derivatives 1/2 test, 18th place Vocabulary 1/2 test
Emma Weissman: 2nd place Mythology 1/2 test, 2nd place Vocab 1/2 test
Sarah Williams: 13th place Pentathlon
Jordan Yu: 7th place Mottoes and Quotations 1/2 test, 12th place Vocabulary 1/2 test

Senior Division (grades 10–12) 25th overall in the state of Florida:

Alyssa Allen: 9th place models
Hannah Billings: 2nd place models, 16th place Customs 2 test
Sebastian Gammill: 8th place shuttle run, 15th place Republic 1 test, 17th place Pentathlon test
Ava Gaus: 4th place Reading Comprehension/Poetry test, 12th place Grammar Adv test
Olivia Gaus: 15th place Vocabulary Adv.
Britta Gunnlauggson: 16th place Derivative Adv, 17th place Vocabulary Adv.
Haley Hendrikse: 8th place charts and posters, 11th place Derivatives Adv. test (tied with John Mills)
Christine Kamm: 2nd place Hellenic History Advanced test, 6th place Grammar Advanced, 6th place Greek Language test, Parliamentarian candidate for the state
Jennae Katic: 3rd place models, 14th place Customs 2 test
Tommy Kline: 7th place in Heptathlon 2 test, 15th place in Derivatives 2 test
Kseniya Konysheva: 17th place in Pentathlon
Megan Matthews: 4th place bellum aquae, 12th place in Derivatives Adv. test
Jessica McKenzie: 10th place shuttle run, 14th in Heptathlon Adv. test, 20th in Customs Adv. test
John Mills: 11th place Derivatives Adv. test (tied with Haley Hendrikse)
Patrick Mills: 3rd place Greek Derivatives 2 test, 12th place in Derivatives 2 test
Zoe Payner: 4th place Hellenic History 1 test. 8th place Pentathlon 1 test
Savannah Rice: 14th in Vocabulary 2 test
Sierra Sollars: 9th place Derivatives 2 test, 13th place Grammar 2 test
Maddy Weissman: 12th place Mythology 2 test, 13th place Customs 2 test

Group awards:

Junior division: 1st place scavenger hunt, 2nd place scrapbook
Senior division: 2nd place scavenger hunt

A very special thank you to the chaperones (Rachel Cox, Sylvia Trein, Donna Payner, Domingo Delgado, Cherly Jacques, Cindy Kamm, and Beverly Katic) for giving up your week/weekend to make this happen.

I am very proud of my kids and their accomplishments. Please join me in congratulating them on these achievements.”—Mrs. Bradshaw