Ladies Tennis District Champions!

Ladies Tennis District Champions!

IMG_3921Our Ladies Tennis team had an exciting 2 days of competition. Starting on Tuesday, April 4 they played singles in the morning and doubles that afternoon, the results of those matches determined which players and teams would play in the semi‐finals and finals the following day. Teams received a point for each match won.

Sophomore Alexis Kwasnik played the #1 position and played great for her first match against Boca Christian, she won 6–1, 6–2 and advanced to the semi‐final match. She had a very tough match against Sagemont for the semi‐finals, resulting in a win for Sagemont.

Senior Cayla Coningsby was seeded #1 for the #2 singles position. She played strong and won her first match against Yeshiva 6–1, 6–0 and advanced to the semi‐final match which was against Calvary Christian Academy and won 6–0, 6–1. The next day she played a tough match in the finals against Sagemont and won in a tiebreaker 10–3.

Senior Grace Revier had a great first match for the #3 position with Yeshiva and won 6–1,6–4 and advanced to the semi‐final match. She played Calvary Christian Academy in the semi‐final match and fought hard for that match as they split sets 2–6, 6–1, Grace pulled it out in the tiebreaker and won 11–9 and advanced to the finals!

Freshman Meghan McCormick played the #4 position (undefeated going into Districts) and had a bye in the first round. She played Sagemont in the semi‐final and won 6–0, 6–2, giving us 2 points, and she advanced to the finals match. She had a great match against Posnak. She and the other player split sets, 2–6, 6–4, and unfortunately, Posnak won in the nail‐biting tiebreaker 9–11.

Senior Kseniya Konysheva played the #5 position and won by default in the fist round and advanced to the semi‐final match. She won her match against Yeshiva 6–3, 6–1!

Doubles #1
Cayla and Alexis were seeded #1 for the #1 doubles team (undefeated going into Districts). They are a very strong team and won their first match against Sheridan Hills 6–1, 6–2. They moved to the semifinals the following day and had some amazing shots and volleys and beat Donna Klein 6–0, 7–5.

Doubles #2
Grace and Meghan played a tough match against Sagemont and were able to make some great shots and won 6–3, 6–4. They moved to the semi‐final match against Posnack and had a nailbiting match! Posnack won the first set in a tiebreaker 7–5 and the second set 6–4.

Congratulations Lady Lions District Champions!