A Word From Mr. Satterly—April 13, 2017

A Word From Mr. Satterly—April 13, 2017

Dear WA Community,

Earlier this week I saw the Hollywood production of The Case for Christ, which is based on Lee Strobel’s journey from an atheist Chicago Tribune reporter to a Christian author and pastor. As a footnote, I recommend the movie. Certainly, its release was timed to correspond with Holy Week and hopefully, it brings renewed attention to Easter. At one point in the movie, Strobel turns to a colleague in frustration as he was being confronted with the reality of the gospel. This colleague was also a reporter and a believer. He simply pointed Strobel to the resurrection saying, “it all hinges on that…if the resurrection didn’t happen, the rest is a house of cards.”

You’ll have to go see the movie to see the rest of the story but this Sunday we celebrate the most significant event in history—the day in where perfect justice and mercy were on display; the day when death lost; and when we were restored to our Father. As we approach this great celebration, let us be confronted anew by the profound nature of Easter, of the many amazing things that transpired as Jesus went to the cross and ultimately to his resurrection.

Thanks be to God!



Joel T. Satterly