Third Grade Spelling Bee

March 22, 2017 Posted in: Academics Tags: ,

Spelling Bee eNewsOn Wednesday, March 23, our third grade competed in their spelling bee. The students were well-prepared and excited to show their spelling expertise. After 18 rounds of intense competition, Sariah Pratt won the spelling bee. Words that were spelled correctly and led to the final round were: “esteem,” “sediment,” and “quashed.” Daniel Delgado came in second place, and Camilla Zayas-Cruz won third place.

First Place: Sariah Pratt
Second Place: Daniel Delgado
Third Place: Camilla Zayas-Cruz

Spelling Bee Participants:

Ashton Burton
Avery Burton
Daniel Delgado
Andrew Lencse
Caleb Mahoney
Joel Nelson
Luiza Pereira
Arianna Pierce
Sariah Pratt
Jack Scott
Juliana Stenvik
Jeremiah Stervil
Maria Weimerslage
Camilla Zayas-Cruz