Second Grade Spelling Bee

Second Grade Spelling Bee

IMG_4990Wednesday, March 15, 2017, the second‐grade spelling bee took place. These second‐grade participants diligently studied. This was evident after fifteen rounds of competition. Dylan Simonson won the spelling bee. Words that were spelled correctly that led to the final round were: “anteater” and “elderly.” Blake Alise came in second place, and Nola Fontaine won third place.

2nd Grade Spelling Bee:

First Place: Dylan Simonson
Second Place: Blake Alise
Third Place: Nola Fontaine

Spelling Bee Participants:

Blake Alise
Rebekah Cochrane
Olivia Faber
Nola Fontaine
Albie Karaj
Jaden Kriegel
Connor Pace
Liam Pace
DJ Pierce
Andrew Pierre
Dylan Simonson