Second Grade Spelling Bee

Second Grade Spelling Bee

IMG_4990Wednesday, March 15, 2017, the second-grade spelling bee took place. These second-grade participants diligently studied. This was evident after fifteen rounds of competition. Dylan Simonson won the spelling bee. Words that were spelled correctly that led to the final round were: “anteater” and “elderly.” Blake Alise came in second place, and Nola Fontaine won third place.

2nd Grade Spelling Bee:

First Place: Dylan Simonson
Second Place: Blake Alise
Third Place: Nola Fontaine

Spelling Bee Participants:

Blake Alise
Rebekah Cochrane
Olivia Faber
Nola Fontaine
Albie Karaj
Jaden Kriegel
Connor Pace
Liam Pace
DJ Pierce
Andrew Pierre
Dylan Simonson