Lower School Intramurals

Lower School Intramurals


The 4th and 5th‐grade girls participated in their annual soccer intramurals on Tuesday, February 28. This year’s competition showed the highest level of skill and team involvement. The girls practiced many days during their recess and built endurance through half‐mile runs in P.E. class. The captains did a great job of encouraging, assigning positions, and getting their teams to the correct field.

Finishing in first place for 4th Grade was the Golden Strikers. The 5th‐grade first place team was the Noles.

The intramural event could not have succeeded without the assistance of Mrs. Helen McRoberts and Mrs. Rita Alise who officiated the games.


The boys 4th and 5th‐grade intramurals took place on Tuesday, February 28 in the WA gym. The boys played in very competitive games, and the sportsmanship was great.

The winning team from 4th grade was “The Destroyers,” and the winning team for the 5th grade was “The UMS 2.”

Thanks go out to Mr. Chapman and Mr. Kalb who helped officiate the match. This would have been impossible without them.