Lower School Faculty Member Meets With Textbook Publisher

March 11, 2017 Posted in: Academics Tags:

From Wednesday, March 1, to Friday, March 3, fifth-grade teacher, Mrs. Dana Perkins, traveled to New York City to represent Westminster Academy as a panel member of the McGraw-Hill Achievement Summit featuring Open Court Reading. During this time, she participated in a two-day conference on early reading intervention, the Science of Learning, and the new strides Open Court has made in offering their textbook series for fourth and fifth grades premiering in July 2017.

“I was fortunate to meet not only the president of McGraw-Hill and take part in her incredible workshop, Leading from the Middle, but also to discuss the science of reading education and the new Open Court offerings with the actual authors of the series, Dr. Marsha Roit, and Dr. Stephen Graham. Speaking with them and learning from them brought innovative ideas that I look forward to applying to our curricular goals, and reinforced the importance of structure, planning, and a readiness to embrace change in order to help our students rise above the pack and strive for excellence in Christ’s name. Attending this summit was an incredible opportunity and one that I will hold dear for years to come as it truly brought a renewed excitement and passion for our elementary program to help our students soar to new heights in both their educational goals and their reading and writing skills.”—Mrs. Dana Perkins.

We look forward to pioneering and applying best practices in all aspects of academic life at Westminster Academy.