A Word From Mr. Satterly—January 5, 2017

A Word From Mr. Satterly—January 5, 2017

Dear WA Community,

Welcome back! For some, the reality of the second semester was announced by a blaring alarm clock while others eagerly awaited the return to school. Nonetheless, I suspect the consumption of caffeine will remain high as we adjust from holiday time and get back into routines.

As we begin the second semester, please allow me to share about moving forward together. To be sure there is much to celebrate. Westminster Academy is well served by a number of dedicated and gifted faculty and staff members. We are encouraged by the success of our students in the classroom and in competition. Certainly, we are blessed by the support of our families and the generosity of our donors. Not only do we enjoy a rich heritage, but we also have a future bright with promise. The opportunities before us are exciting and suggest that great days lie ahead.

Among my top priorities have been listening and learning in order to first understand and then to begin to develop a strategic plan for the next several years that will guide and direct our activity. I very much believe that there is a significant difference between activity and productivity. That later occurs when action is the result of mission‐focused engagement and unyielding commitment to purpose. Any thoughtful strategic plan includes a range of collectively identified issues and embraces a number of initiatives and goals. Many of these details remain to be explored and more fully developed by the leadership team and the board, and I look forward to a more thorough discussion as time permits.

At our core, Westminster Academy is an educational institution—a school; specifically, one that is Christ‐centered, biblically‐based, and college preparatory. Therefore, our top priorities must center on the core business of school—program and facilities. Perhaps you have noticed some attention to these areas already. Moving forward we are seeking to establish key partnerships to expand and enhance our program in terms of best practice and new opportunities including specific attention to student culture, curriculum and instruction, athletic leadership, and appropriate benchmarking. Great schools must offer a great educational program that is executed by a first‐rate faculty, and that demonstrates consistent performance. It is also important that Westminster Academy offers the best facilities possible—a campus that is well maintained, shaped to serve our program, safe, and meets the needs of our students. To that end, we continue to expand the scope of campus security and are planning significant renovations to the Dr. Kenneth P. Wackes Media Center.

It is my aim, along with the board, administration, faculty, and staff to press Westminster Academy toward its mission—to be dedicated to Christ and Committed to Excellence. This is our legacy and our future.



Joel T. Satterly