A Word From Mr. Satterly—September 8, 2016

A Word From Mr. Satterly—September 8, 2016

Dear WA Community,

Wednesday morning’s calendar began with a new parent breakfast. It was good to be with this group, as we begin our journey together. Among the highlights were testimonies from a couple of senior WA lifers as they described what it is like to grow up in our school. While stories such as these are encouraging, my wife and I heard an even more remarkable one as we walked into the meeting.

As it turns out, we walked in with the Shiple’s, who are technically new parents but in reality are returning parents. As we walked and talked, Carol and I realized that we had a neat photo to share of the first touchdown on our new field—the result of a handoff from Drew Shiple. We just happened to be standing near the end zone, having made a quick trip to the concession stand and took a picture as the touchdown was made. Moms being moms, that led to an additional conversation, and we were privileged to hear their story.

Drew had previously attended WA but had left to attend a dual‐enrollment STEM program at Florida Atlantic’s high school—fully dual‐enrollment, meaning he was earning college credit as a junior, but also was fully funded by the state, meaning no tuition. So why come back? According to Mr. Shiple, it was Drew. He initiated the return because he wants to graduate as a WA Lion, finish with his class, in his school, and as a part of his community.

Certainly, we are grateful for families and students who journey with us all along the way, and we are also blessed by those who return home. WA is a community—one that is tasked with delivering education, yes, but one that is also committed to impact lives well beyond the confines of our campus. This is our testimony and story.



Joel T. Satterly