A Word From Mr. Critch—May 12, 2016

A Word From Mr. Critch—May 12, 2016

Dear Westminster Academy Families and Friends,

We are entering a very exciting time of year for schools across the nation—end of the school year. At Westminster Academy, this is a special time of celebration and thanksgiving. We celebrate all of the diligent efforts by all of our students as they complete their final exams, wrap up their various studies and join together to congratulate 5th‐grade Promotion, 8th‐grade Celebration and the Graduation of the Class of 2016. Last week we celebrated the accomplishments of the high school students, and again this week with the middle school students. Yesterday we enjoyed a time of reflection of the years that our seniors have been part of the WA family at Senior Chapel. The alumni group hosted a special luncheon and welcomed the seniors as soon‐to‐be alumni of Westminster Academy. In just a couple of weeks (after a very exciting senior trip) we will celebrate with our seniors at our Baccalaureate and Commencement ceremonies.

As we enjoy all of these celebrations we keep at the center our need to be thankful. We praise God for the abundant blessings that He has poured into every student, family, staff member, faculty and administrator who is a part of Westminster Academy. As a Christ‐centered school, we know that it is only because of the God‐given gifts and talents of our students that we are able to celebrate. We are ever thankful that He has opened the eyes of our students to His glory and they then are confident that in everything they do God stands with them. We are especially thankful for all of the families that have chosen to share with us the awesome responsibility of the education and spiritual development of their children.

We invite you to join us at each of the upcoming celebrations to praise God for our outstanding students and families. Please pray for each student as they finish the year strong and persevere through to the last day of this school year.

Soli Deo Gloria,
Mike Critch
Interim Headmaster/Dean of Upper School