2016 State Latin Forum Results

2016 State Latin Forum Results

IMG_4264From Wednesday, April 6, to Saturday, April 9, 41 of our Middle and High School students competed against over 65 schools from all over Florida. We had two brain brawl teams, called Certamen, that competed for the first time in WA history, the Latin II team placed 9th and the Advanced team placed 14th.

WA Overall Awards

  • High School Programs—21st in the State
  • Middle School Program—6th in the States
  • Ludi (6th place)
  • Certamen Level II (9th place)
    • Christine Kamm
    • Ariana Loucks
    • Olivia Gaus
    • Haley Hendrikse
  • Club Video (1st place)
  • Creative‐Junior Division (3rd place)
  • Non‐graphic Art (9th place)
  • Pipio Contest (8th place)

Senior Division

  • Melinda Babaian: Geography Adv (17th)
  • Jamie Boros: Derivatives Adv (17th)
  • Hannah Brown: Derivatives 2 (9th); Maps (2nd)
  • Brandon Climenhage: Heptathlon Adv. (10th); Ludi–Venus and Adonis (1st), Four Square (8th); Vocabulary Adv. (19th)
  • Ava Gaus: Grammar Adv. (8th); Certamen Adv. (14th)
  • Olivia Gaus: Grammar 2 (15th); Certamen 2 (9th)
  • Britta Gunnlaugsson: Vocabulary Adv. (16th); Grammar Adv. (18th); Certamen Adv. (14th)
  • Haley Hendrikse: Charts and Posters (10th); Vocabulary 2 (18th); Certamen 2 (9th)
  • Chris Horton: Vocabulary Adv. (12th); Geography Adv. (17)Shuttle Run (6th), Marathon (participant)
  • Christine Kamm: Hellenic History (2nd); Grammar 2 (4th); Greek Language (10th); Certamen 2 (9th)
  • Becky Kurth: Impromptu Art (4th); Charts and Posters (6th); Classical Art Adv. (16th)
  • Ariana Loucks: Latin Literature 2 (8th); Mythology 2 (14th); Certamen 2 (9th)
  • Megan Matthews: Models (10th); History of Empire (15th)
  • Jessica McKenzie: Heptathlon 2 (7th); Derivatives 2 (14th)
  • John Mills: Mystery Test (4th); A/V (2nd); Derivatives Adv (18th); Certamen Adv. (14th)
  • Franke Mistretta: Geography 2 (11th); History of the Empire (16th)
  • Christian Perun: Pentathlon (14th)
  • Maddie Pilch: Four Square (5th); Heptathlon Adv. (14th)
  • Abby Quirk: Venus and Adonis (1st), Shuttle Run (4th); Drawings (5th); Grammar Adv. (18th)
  • Gabi Shyne: Reading Poetry (5th), Hellenic Adv. (10th); Certamen Adv. (14th)
  • Paige Vincent: Customs 2 (16th)

Junior Division

  • Alyssa Allen: Drawings (9th); Derivatives 1 (12th)
  • Hannah Billings: Open Certamen I (3rd); Customs 1 (13th)
  • Kelly Clark: Maps (2nd); Vocabulary 1/2 (14th)
  • Kyle Collins: Models (7th), Vocabulary 1/2 (14th)
  • Logan Conner: Four Square (1st); Vocabulary 1/2 (13th)
  • Addison Fleck: Mythology 1/2 (5th); Open Certamen I (8th)
  • Jordan Greene: History of the Republic 1/2 (2nd); Open Certamen I (7th), Bellum Aquae (8th)
  • Kylie Grimm: Mythology 1/2 (3rd); Paintings (5th)
  • Jhailynn Jacques: Latin Vocab 1/2 (9th); Paintings (4th)
  • Jennea Katic: Models (10th); Talent Show (participant); Customs 1 (16th)
  • Hristos Kommatas: Vocabulary 1 (19th)
  • Hunter Kreizinger: Pentathlon 1/2 (7th); Vocabulary 1/2 (15th)
  • MJ Miller: Shuttle Run (8th); Charts and Posters (3rd); Vocabulary 1/2 (13th)
  • Patrick Mills: Latin Derivatives I (6th), Greek Derivatives I (9th)
  • Jessica Nedry: Open Certamen I (2nd); Drawings (1st), Vocabulary 1 (12th)
  • Abbey Rowe: Open Certamen I (1st); Charts and Posters (6th), Mythology 1 (12th)
  • Brian Washburn: Pentathlon 1/2 (5th); Charts and Posters (4th)
  • Sarah Williams: Shuttle Run (6th), Vocabulary 1/2 (17th)

Congratulations Latin students, we are very proud of you!!!