Harvard Model Congress

February 18, 2016 Posted in: School News Tags: , ,

25af190Nine distinguished juniors and seniors from WA left yesterday to immerse themselves in the most outstanding government conference in the United States. They will spend four days in a variety of activities to gain a deeper understanding of our federal government. These students have been studying all year, writing position papers and doing research to prepare for the intense debate that will take place at the Harvard Model Congress (HMC).

HMC presents a unique opportunity for high school students to engage with American government through role-playing and simulation in order to develop a better understanding of civic involvement and government function. Through a variety of congressional committees covering a broad spectrum of pressing federal issues and a diverse collection of Special Program committees highlighting other aspects of the US government, HMC strives to provide a stimulating learning environment that fosters individual growth and group education.
By engaging in open debates, caucuses, trials, press conferences, and testimonies, students are able to better appreciate the purpose and role of the political process. A committed staff of Harvard students strives to facilitate a supportive and educational learning environment that focuses on student participation. First and foremost a teaching institution, HMC dedicates itself to providing an enjoyable and instructive atmosphere in which to develop a commitment to and interest in American government and civic engagement.

The students representing WA are:

  • Savannah Alday
  • Alex Berry
  • Gilliana Kalb
  • Kenny Rondino
  • Anthony┬áLeonardi
  • Ryan Markowski
  • Kayla McCracken
  • Amanda Wood
  • Emma Zatorski