Robotics FRC Team 744—Shark Attack

Robotics FRC Team 744—Shark Attack

Shark Attack-Logo (1)FRC Team 744‐ Week Four Recap

This past week we completed the welding of our frame and mounted Rhino Drive Assemblies. We built and tested our next generation of the shooter with a pneumatic loading mechanism, modeled arms for overcoming defenses, worked on automatic targeting systems, and continued programming. The next morning we ran the robot following an installation of power distribution, control, and pneumatic systems. Special thanks to mentors Craig Bachan, Jo Katic, Judi Linger, Josh Slocumb, Alex Warters, and Paul Warters for their extraordinary support in week four.

Our Chairman’s Award committee and the video sub‐committee submitted their final draft of the essay and executive summary and completed several video interviews this week. Special thanks to mentors Lauren Cooley and Cathy Stolley for many hours of great support for our Chairman’s Award committee. Thanks to Jason Beaupied and Laura Groves as well for providing artistic and technical support to our team.

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