Book Review of Lion of Babylon

Lion of BabylonI have to admit that at first glance this book would not be my first pick for reading material.  The book cover hints at Middle East warfare and this is an area that I know very little about.  But, every person that I spoke with that had read Lion of Babylon had given it a thumbs up.  Another convincing factor is that book two in the series:  Rare Earth received the 2013 Christy Award for Suspense.  For these two reasons, I found myself reading and being captivated by book one of this series. The main character, Mark Royce, is a likeable character with which the reader immediately has a connection.  It is made known that he took care of his wife in her dying days and lost his job as an agent because of it.  He must be good at what he does because now they are calling him back in to find some missing Americans that were last seen in Baghdad.  Bunn helps the reader gain an understanding of this region of the world.  An especially touching scene is a secret worship meeting that Mark Royce attends along with a new Iraqi friend that is stunned by the experience. So what about book two in the series?  Next on my reading list!

Written by Bonnie Thompson, WA Upper School Media Specialist